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'Traveling Photographs'

Recently I enjoyed a pint after work with a long time friend. We're from the same hometown, went to the same university, and serendipitously landed in San Francisco just a few months after the other. We're both heavily engulfed in our own lives and although we do our best, time has a way of passing without you realizing. 

Lately, I haven't seen him as frequently as I'd like. As we're playing catchup over a local microbrew, recalling and discussing the last few weeks, months, personal interactions, we gradually stumble onto the topic of Traveling Photographs. 

He points out that which I've already realized, although the images captured are beautiful and serene, they're centrally located. Mostly San Francisco and the Bay Area, not distant exotic, foreign realms. 

The concept for Traveling Photographs came to me while I was running in Golden Gate Park a few months ago. It's a simple concept but one which reverberates powerfully in me. Although I would love to continuously travel around the world, I'm limited, as all of us are, by life's commitments. Budgets, time, and work act as brakes on my travel photography. However, uploading my photos and photo blog to the web, it is limited only by the speed of light.

When someone views my photographs, the images quite literally travel to that person. Instantly and through the connectivity of the web, the photograph's electrons and data bits seamlessly travel to locations I only dream of seeing. The term Traveling Photographs, although referencing my now mostly stationary travel photography, is more about the photographs themselves traveling to the viewer. All over the globe. Inter-connected. Intimately connected. By my photos and their travels.

I hope one day to see the world where my photographs have seen. But for now, I take great comfort in knowing, they've spanned tens of thousands of miles, seen numerous cities, countries, and continents. Making this large blue marble we live on feel that much smaller and making for a refreshing conversation over a pint.